LUX Score is an unbiased metric to measure global differences between a pair of lipidomes. It is based on structural similarity between constituent lipids. It is a distance measure, always between 0 and 1, indicating complete-similarity and complete-dissimilarity respectively.



22 Sep 2015: The LUX Score: A Metric for Lipidome Homology published in PLoS Computational Biology


1. At present, scripts to calculate LUX Score require bash shell. Running scripts in linux operating system is easiest way to make sure scripts work as expected.
2. README file included in package contains additional information.
Need more ? write to cmarella aT


Dr. Eli Lebow, UC Berkeley
Dr. Sandeep Krishna, NCBS
Dr. Aswin Seshasayee, NCBS
Dr. Kurt Fellenberg, FZB
PD. Dr. Buko Lindner
Dr. Geoff Hyde
Dr. Mukund Thattai, NCBS


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All original scripts are available under latest version of GNU GPL Licence. Specific licences apply for external scripts included in package.

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